Policy Platform

In 2011, tradeswomen and tradeswomen’s organizations, Legal Momentum and Wider Opportunities for Women co-founded the National Task Force on Tradeswomen’s Issues to address the isolation that has perpetuated and institutionalized discrimination in the construction industry and federal policy issues that relate to access, equity and opportunity for women in nontraditional occupations, with a specific focus on the construction sector.

The National Taskforce on Tradeswomen's Issues works collaboratively with our many partners and tradeswomen across the country to ensure that women have equal access to union construction jobs, opportunity in apprenticeship, training, employment, and leadership, and equity on the job.  In coordination with the North America's Building Trades Union Women's Committee, we work to ensure that our national policy platform serves to guide us in making access, equity, and opportunity a reality for women and girls.

Since its inception, the National Taskforce on Tradeswomen's Issues has succeeded in organizing and building collaborations and raising the issue of equal opportunity in construction on a national level.  Our mission is to unite local, regional and national expertise and action to support tradeswomen and aspiring tradeswomen in access, equity and opportunity in the industry.  We focus on public policy through advocacy, education, and technical assistance to improve and enforce the law on equal opportunity in schools, workforce development, apprenticeship programs and on the worksite