The Research Group of the TWTF brings together individuals engaged in research which is relevant to women in the building construction trades. This may cover health and safety, harassment, routes into the trades (including apprenticeship), work & family, retention, leadership development, policies that increase the demand for women in construction jobs, or other topics tied into the work and community lives of tradeswomen.

 The goals of the group are as follows:

  • to support the overall mission and policy work of the TWTF
  • to bring together researchers who are currently engaged in or are interested in working on research topics relevant to women working in the building trades
  • to build researcher coalitions and engage in discussions and activities supporting recruitment, retention, promotion, and quality of life of tradeswomen.

 Women Build Nations (WBN) is a conference for women who work in the building construction trades; it is attended by about 2000 people each year. The WBN conference is organized by North America's Building Trades Union (NABTU)’s Tradeswomen's Committee.

 TWTF Researcher Group at the 2019 WBN Conference:

 While this is a grass-roots, practitioner-based conference, the researcher subgroup of the National Tradeswomen’s Taskforce organized a small research stream with opportunities to present research in a workshop or through posters. There will also be a research caucus for networking between researchers and advocates. Our goal is to present and encourage research that is relevant to current and aspiring tradeswomen and supports their efforts to improve access, equity and opportunity in the construction industry.

Tradeswomen Survey

Please help us lift up the voices and experiences of tradeswomen by completing this survey on what helps– and hinders– women ‘s advancement and retention in the trades. Whether you are working in the trades or used to do so in the past - we want to hear from you. The survey should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. All responses will be anonymous and treated in the strictest confidence. As a participant you can enter a drawing for a $50 gift card (200 to be won).

The goal of the survey, and the Improving Women’s Retention and Advancement in Construction and Manufacturing project, is to provide much needed evidence about women’s experiences to employers,
contractors, unions, policy-makers, community-based training organizations, and other stakeholders on what it is like to work in the trades, and on what needs to change. Contact Ariane Hegewisch of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research with any questions [email protected]

Please click this link to fill out the survey. You can stop and restart the survey using this link as long as you use the same device (that is, if you start it on your phone, you need to complete it on your phone).

For more information contact:

Heidi Wagner, PhD

Program Coordinator
Construction Engineering and Mngt.
SD School of Mines and Technology

[email protected]

Ariane Hegewisch, M.Phil.

Program Director, Employment and Earnings
Institute for Women's Policy Research
Washington, D.C.

[email protected]