For information on resources, including best and promising practices for compliance, enforcement, retention, oversight, training, and supportive services, please visit TWTF member Policy Group on Tradeswomen Issues Resource page.

For organizations and online contact information for women trying to get in the trade, please visit the online TWTF resource page.

For data on the status of women by state including poverty, wages, work, education & training and more, please visit the Institute for Women's Policy Research Status of Women in the States project.

For a more complete history of the tradeswomen movement and women in blue-collar industries, please visit the Tradeswomen Archives project.

For information regarding your legal rights, please contact the Legal Counseling Hotline at Equal Right Advocates.

For technical assistance resources for industry partners, including registered apprenticeship programs, employers, workforce agencies, pre-apprenticeship training programs and government on equity in the skilled trades, please visit the newly launched National Center for Women's Equity in Apprenticeship and Employment