The U.S. Department of Labor has released the new Equal Employment Opportunity regulations for registered apprenticeship.

Meet Emily Picker, age 17, a nontraditional student at the Upper Valley Career Center in Piqua, Ohio.  She is a Pre-Apprentice at Sollman Electric Company and is breaking barriers as an electrician

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Jennifer Tabor – I’m a Wirewoman with IBEW Local 357 out of Las Vegas, Nevada. I joined the trade in 1996. I was attracted to it because I felt strongly about it being able to help me earn a living and knew that it would help shape me into the person I wanted to become.
This is the first in a 2-part series celebrating Mother's Day and the tradeswomen who inspire their children to join the trades. Jane Templin, her daughter Jennifer Tabor, and grandson Robert Zambrano are all union electricians.
My name is Lisa Barber and I have been an Electrician with IBEW Local 11 in Los Angeles for over 21 years. I am also a licensed Cosmetologist and found out about the IBEW while giving a man a haircut. I am also a Certified Massage Therapist.
I was born in New Mexico, and raised in Texas. I ended up in Portland because I was going to attend medical school here and now I'm a Local 16 sheet metal worker.
I joined the trades when I was 29. I served in the Wisconsin Army National Guard for six years as a motor transport operator, and I served one tour in Iraq as a convoy truck driver. I'm currently in my last year of apprenticeship training as a steamfitter.