The U.S. Department of Labor has released the new Equal Employment Opportunity regulations for registered apprenticeship.

Meet Emily Picker, age 17, a nontraditional student at the Upper Valley Career Center in Piqua, Ohio.  She is a Pre-Apprentice at Sollman Electric Company and is breaking barriers as an electrician

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I worked as a carpenter, foreman then contractor for 20 years before leaving the field to teach full time at Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc., a pre-apprenticeship training program for women in Portland.
I'm a third year apprentice out Local 83. I joined the trade in July of 2012. ​I am a second generation Union Boilermaker. I was intrigued by the stories my father would tell me when he'd come home from jobs after being gone for so long.
I served in the US Army as a parachute rigger. I packed parachutes and got to jump out of airplanes and black hawks. I loved it! That’s when I found out I was an adrenaline junky.
After Erika graduated high school in 1999, she applied for the Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW) program, which prepares New York City women for careers in the construction trades.
Life for my family and me changed dramatically once I became a union plumber. I was able to purchase a home, take the kids on vacations and collect as many Ray-Ban glasses as I want.